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What is Mindful Doodling?

Updated: Feb 7

According to Rebekah, founder of Voy, Mindful Doodling is a slowing down of the breath, mind, and body with the aid of pen and paper.

“The aim is to ground, pause and be present in the moment. It is a ‘space’ to relax and introduce the art of training the nervous system to realise a calmer state. The sessions are aimed at non-creatives, although all skills are welcome. Through a series of exercises, I guide everyone on taking their pen on a journey whilst becoming aware of slowing down their minds and movements without judgement.”

In-person, group sessions can be from 5 to 150+ people. The intention is the same and the ‘community experience’ creates a united thread of connection.

There are currently 2 packages available;

Ice-breaker Package

This is a conference style session which can be tailored to suit any headcount, but suits a larger audience. It begins with mindful doodling and is followed by break-out workshops called ‘Ideation Marathons’.

Core Values Package

This workshop will suit smaller teams and can include a framed piece of art for each participant (for an extra cost).

Both packages include mindful doodling and are tailored to creating a deeper connection with your (new or existing) brand values.

Previous feedback proves an opportunity to hold quarterly mindful workshops to regroup and re-energise the mindful practice of slowing down and reconnecting.

 “The mindfulness doodling session was amazing, so calming and inclusive for everyone. We all had a great time relaxing and doodling together! It was such a lovely session and we’d definitely love to have you back!"

Alex Evans, Wellbeing Coach, Team Coordinator PRP Architects

To receive Voy's information pack with price guides please email Rebekah.

Lamise Kazaz, Founder of Messenger Magazine @messengermagazine

“I attended a YPF event where the host introduced Rebekah to do an ice breaker activity. It was the first time I had seen a mindfulness exercise used in a big event and before it began, I was very hesitant as I struggle to keep still and focus. 

When Rebekah began, I felt at ease straight away and for the first time in my life, actually connected with a mindfulness activity!

It was truly grounding and I felt so at peace - being able to use my hands for the doodling was so much more impactful than the classic breathing exercises I have come across before…

I thanked Rebekah personally afterwards and noticed what a pure and positive energy she had! I would highly recommend for all types of event as it felt as if we were all connected by the power of mindful doodling”

Lamise Kazaz, Founder of Messenger Magazine @messengermagazine

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