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✨ Your values matter to you, me and them ✨

If you follow my instagram, you will know how I can be very impulsive and reactive with my creativity, especially as it forms part of my processing of information. Recently I have been getting curious about how I can get caught-up in a trend or by something I should be doing on any particular 'named' day. For example, this year I have decided to highlight that on International Women's Day, I do celebrate women, but I actually support all genders, all year around. One of my personal values and they matter to me. They may not matter to you and you may not agree with them - and that is cool because you are you.

Rebekah di Palma against violet brick wall with drawn on cat-in-the-hat with the Dr Seuss quote ' no-on is you-er than you'
Me being me

But in business - how does this mindset differ? I still hold those values obviously, but I focus wholeheartedly on my clients values first. But I wouldn't have got to that point if our values did not align on some level.

Sometimes, I start by being conscious of how I want to communicate and who I want to reach, then go at it in a considered way to intentionally connect. Other times, this begins with a conversation around their wants and needs and ultimately their 'why'. Once I know this, I can guide them on a journey - occasionally that may be a referral to a completely different service (like a website build or social media strategist). It makes sense to take this approach, we can then create together successfully - we both get results and impact we want. But we couldn't do that without investing time in our values and our who and why first.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose - Dr Seuss
Dr Seuss Quote

A really good Brand Strategist / Brand Story-teller is worth their weight in gold (I know some if you want an intro) but if you are doing this solo, here are some tips:

  1. Understand Your Purpose: Think about why your brand exists beyond making money. What positive impact do you want to have on the world or your customers world?

  2. Know Your Audience: Understand what your customers care about, what thier problems are and what values resonate with them.

  3. Define Core Principles: These are your fundamental beliefs and principles that guide your brand's actions and decisions.

  4. Show Your Personality: Decide on the traits you want your brand to be known for - these are what make you different (your USP)

  5. Be Consistent: Make sure your brand values are clear and consistent across everything you do, from marketing to customer service. They can remain backstage if you like - you will need to find a way to communicate using them to connect with who you want to reach.

  6. Involve Others: Get input from your peers, current customers, and other collaborators to refine your brand values (take caution with family - they are bias!)

  7. Live Your Values: Take actions that demonstrate your brand values in real life, like supporting causes you believe in or making ethical business decisions. If you are social media savvy, talk / share / connect with like-minded people.

By keeping things simple and focused, you can create brand values that are easy to understand and follow, both for your team and your customers. As an FYI - mine are a great big doodle (make sure you create them in a way that engages you!)

If you want to discuss this process and how I can help you visualise your values, please pop me an email or give me a call. 

Check out my insta reel sharing a true story about values here

We can do it war poster woman turned into a heart with roses and flipped for symmetry
Art create by me in 2011 for IWD 2011

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