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Who is Rebekah?

Creative Soul, Founder of VOY

Rebekah di Palma encourages passionate people to realise their deep, creative connection with their brand values, and how that visually translates into everything they do. From evolution of a logo, to reconnecting with their purpose via bespoke mindful workshops, through to graphic implementation.

The last decade has seen her establishing a thriving, purpose-driven graphic design business. Often collaborating with a network of trusted creatives and digital agencies with complementary skill-sets, to deliver complete, high quality, creative impact.  

Rebekah has a relentless desire to bring people together through mindful creativity. She deeply believes in the power that 'art is important' and creative expression should be accessible to all. 

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Here at Voy, we believe you are the hero of your brand story, and start with listening to you. Then we research and doodle our way to deeply connect with your values - these drive your purpose-driven messaging. Why? Because good design is emotive and connects.

Rebekah believes that art can calm, repair and restore the nervous-system. She wants to amplify the benefit of creative wellness. It is important that communication is clear, inclusive and beautiful. It should spark emotion and inspire positive change.


Voy is your guide, led by - Rebekah di Palma. Being a naturally talented illustrator and experienced graphic designer (20years industry experience), Rebekah brings the freedom of an artist and the discipline of a designer. We want to solve the most important problems.




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