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A deeper connection

creates a greater impact...

Rebekah di Palma Mindful Creativity
Rebekah di Palma Mindful Creativity

Few things are as powerful as a human-centred brand mindfully communicating.


Feeling valued and connected encourages collaboration across your organisation, can improve mental health and wellbeing - fundamentally improving process and results.


Voy can help you create that deeper connection with our creative wellbeing services...

Team Creativity

Core values workshops

These sessions provide 90 minutes of meditative-style doodling, whilst representing your brand values. Connecting your people creatively with your brand values, will have them feeling appreciated and positively energised. 

+ Option for each participant to leave with a framed artwork.

"the mindfulness drawing was a revelation. I loved creating a connected, community artwork with you all and look forward to more of this in our work together" 

people around a table showing only tehir hands drawing with pen on paper



Mindful Doodling Online...

You can now access Pay-as-you go, end of month online sessions. We reflect on the past month, look to centre ourselves and look to the month ahead. Setting intentions and creating space releases energy by creatively slowing down our nervous system. Practicing this mindful exercise can help support your journey in calming your daily responses to stress.


Relaxing and unwinding our minds seems to be a privilege these days. Over the last two years, and with gratitude to the SoundAsleep Club, Rebekah has mastered online classes to help you practice the art of mindfully doodling and journalling to ground, release energy and create a sense of achievement. Sleep is precious.

Annoymous Doodler feedback

"I can’t draw but went along with it anyway. It turned out that I still can’t draw - but that really didn’t matter at all. It was very relaxing and I would do it again - never thought I would say that about a creative class!"


go deep-not wide

We are making BIG PLANS to partner with selected wellbeing practitioners to provide the perfectly aligned creative and intentional half or full day experience for your Team. Selected upcoming Dates.

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