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Voy's hand drawn speech bubble outline for testimonials

"Mindful + creative
approach to an effective 
brand transition"...

Wendy Notowicz, 
UK Myleoma society 

UK Myeloma Society aims to improve the treatment of patients with myeloma by developing and promoting clinical trials of myeloma treatment and linked scientific studies, encouraging collaborative research and innovation in myeloma care.

The society changed their name and wanted to use this opportunity to level-up their branding overall. With a fresh look at their values of innovation, collaboration, and expertise in myeloma treatment and care, the brief was to mindfully evolve what had existed for over 20 years.

Conceptual, logo design, brand book, image library, graphic assets

Output Package: Path no.2 (Brand Guide Book)



+ 2023 Commemorative - 25 years -  limited edition logo design

#branding #graphicdesign #rebekahdipalma

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