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Alternative celebration of International Women's Day ❤️

Side-view, soft focus of Rebekah looking down and moving magentic words to create heart shape on metal panel on wall
Photo Credit: Carin Thakrar Photography

This year I have decided to create an online fundraiser page for period poverty.

With PCOS and Endometriosis, and experiencing miscarriage too, my experience of periods has been debilitating and unpredictable at times. I am privileged to be able to fundraise for women experiencing period poverty and wanted to take today as the opportunity to raise awareness.

"We believe all women should have access to period products during their period. But many are experiencing period poverty, unable to access or afford them. That’s why we're working towards our goal to eliminate period poverty in Britain's most deprived communities by 2025."


Other ways to support period poverty

❤️ Supply free period products in toilets

❤️ Try period pants (or reusable products) many support period poverty - WUKA this brilliantly here

❤️ Support your local girl gang - Girl guides are also leading change in education

❤️ Donate products to your local homeless shelter

The production and distribution of reusable menstrual products should be celebrated. It offers girls and women a way out of period poverty. When this happens, girls and women can be empowered to continue with their education and not have to rely on donations or using inappropriate and unhygienic items to manage their period.

Please join me with as much or little you can and celebrate women by making a donation here


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